The Call for Reputation Management

Reputation management is a necessity not only for larger corporations but for small businesses and individuals as well.  It is a relatively new industry that is driven by necessity.  It can be proactive or reactive and anyone can benefit or fail by its implementation or failure to do so also.  It will help you to move out of the first result pages those negative posts.  It will help you quickly respond to negative reviews and thank customers for the positive reviews.  Online is simply just another way people experience us — either directly or through word of mouth with their mouse.

The process will assure that potential customers will have a first excellent impression of your company.  It is the act of crushing negative remark(s) about your company, product, or service.  It can also serve as a way to fight back against otherwise unchecked defamation of character or product.  It is vital to businesses nowadays so do not rush a decision.  It is the first response to reputation damaging information.

This is a process of creating and monitoring multiple online profiles.  Part of the process also involves aggressively publishing useful positive information about yourself and/or your business.  You must create a strong internal process to gain these reviews from your customers. There are really two types of reputation management.  One is reactive and the other is proactive.  The reactive type involves creating new Web content  to suppress the negative blog articles or negative reviews that are hurting your  online reputation .

Proactive means generating positive reviews and that isn’t as easy as it looks, but reputation management by a professional can help you create a program that will help build positive reviews. This can be done by a simple plan who works daily on what your business needs to do to get what it wants so every day it promotes positive aspects, generates articles, writes in blogs, posts, videos and press releases.  Because of the viral nature of the web you do have to have a publicity agent who is watching out for you and your interests.

If you don’t have a program in place to promote positive mentions of your name or business, your reputation could suffer.  Like search engine optimization, this isn’t a one-time deal. In fact, Google typically penalizes Reputation Management companies who try and push too hard too quickly. For the best results, you need a slow drip of positive articles, mentions and press about your business. This is our specialty. Any serious reputation management company will manage this process for you. For more information go to this site  or contact us by visiting us at, email us direct by clicking or  call us at  619 550 1198 This blog consists of exerpts taken from an article written by Mr.Fanghella and can be found at

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