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The ABC’s of Purchasing a Web Site Design

June 29, 2012

The ABC’s of Purchasing a Web Site Design


Michael Fanghella

 Custom web site design work is expensive.  That is what we have been told.  But it is in a Red Ocean world which makes you the buyer in command.

Website services including web design and web development.  Your developer should have expertise in ecommerce web design, application user experience design and website design can run up quite a fee.  Ecommerce website designers often have special requirements from their web hosting services and their clients and you will pay for it if you want it done correctly. Ecommerce is not the messiah but more and more  businesses are tying their different parts of their supply chain to their website and ecommerce is a bi-product of that.

You will find that Website costs can really vary depending on your particular website needs.  You can find a design agency or a private web designer who freelances as a custom website graphic designer and web developer.  The problem is resources which cost in terms of time and a broad sense of what is going on out there that works.

A business website designer should build a professional website that represents your business in the best possible way. Don’t get caught up in what you see as pretty and realize it is how your site works in the framework of the web that matters. Business website design/development and search engine marketing is an important as hiring a great sales person.  Search engine optimization when matched with a productive web design is the act of making ones website content more search engine friendly to make it rank higher.

A full-service website design, internet marketing and web hosting company will get you there all in one place and piece, but it is not cheap. This can include online marketing and ecommerce website design services.  Their goal should be to provide a driven website design that’s modeled to become an integral part of your organizations marketing strategy.

Take a moment to look around. You’ll see real solutions to real design and marketing problems.  A fully customized solution will help your brand succeed with eye-catching design and online marketing services but is usually not all that cheap.  The issue is not what can you get that meets a small businesses entry needs into the market and that you may grow out of but be dragged down from, rather that what your site does is in alignment with what you expect from your business.

Designing a web site that creates results and becomes the foundation of your successful business is much more challenging.  Your Web site’s appearance and ease of maneuvering represents your business online.  Your small business website designer should build a professional website that represents your business in the best possible way, integrating the social media as an effective tool for building your business.  Everyone is always trying to connect your business world with your web designs and marketing efforts.

A superior website design can benefit and facilitate several functions becoming an effective contribution to your company.  Web designers can change text, swap out images, whatever you need them to do.  If you need to update the text or change an image on your site, they should just allow you to contact them directly.  Once your site is designed you’ll need a place to host it so that is another cost. So negotiate all these issues prior to employing such a designer because there will be revisions and hiccups in the process.

Let them know what you need to make your business grow.  In our case our expert developers have vast experience to customize exist or new project as need of the enterprise.  Their interest in these things is only in the context of the task they need to complete.

So who is best for you?  I believe a small sized agency will get you the most bang for the buck so to speak as they have a need to perform and resources to provide the best possible outcome at a price that allows your company to grow and add on to your business marketing strategy.  Usually you will work with the designer and he/she will get a good feel for what you want which is much more effective than just using a template to solve your design work as your biggest advertising medium. A large agency has a huge overhead to support and you have to ask where your money is going.

Let us help you create an eye-catching, custom web site design specifically for your business that is affordable.  Santa Fe is a web site design and marketing firm, SFAS specializes in small business web development.  Our services range from custom web site design to logo creation and email marketing and we specialize in the Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Wellness Industries where “we build websites like they are on purpose”.  See

The Call for Reputation Management

March 27, 2012

Reputation management is a necessity not only for larger corporations but for small businesses and individuals as well.  It is a relatively new industry that is driven by necessity.  It can be proactive or reactive and anyone can benefit or fail by its implementation or failure to do so also.  It will help you to move out of the first result pages those negative posts.  It will help you quickly respond to negative reviews and thank customers for the positive reviews.  Online is simply just another way people experience us — either directly or through word of mouth with their mouse.

The process will assure that potential customers will have a first excellent impression of your company.  It is the act of crushing negative remark(s) about your company, product, or service.  It can also serve as a way to fight back against otherwise unchecked defamation of character or product.  It is vital to businesses nowadays so do not rush a decision.  It is the first response to reputation damaging information.

This is a process of creating and monitoring multiple online profiles.  Part of the process also involves aggressively publishing useful positive information about yourself and/or your business.  You must create a strong internal process to gain these reviews from your customers. There are really two types of reputation management.  One is reactive and the other is proactive.  The reactive type involves creating new Web content  to suppress the negative blog articles or negative reviews that are hurting your  online reputation .

Proactive means generating positive reviews and that isn’t as easy as it looks, but reputation management by a professional can help you create a program that will help build positive reviews. This can be done by a simple plan who works daily on what your business needs to do to get what it wants so every day it promotes positive aspects, generates articles, writes in blogs, posts, videos and press releases.  Because of the viral nature of the web you do have to have a publicity agent who is watching out for you and your interests.

If you don’t have a program in place to promote positive mentions of your name or business, your reputation could suffer.  Like search engine optimization, this isn’t a one-time deal. In fact, Google typically penalizes Reputation Management companies who try and push too hard too quickly. For the best results, you need a slow drip of positive articles, mentions and press about your business. This is our specialty. Any serious reputation management company will manage this process for you. For more information go to this site  or contact us by visiting us at, email us direct by clicking or  call us at  619 550 1198 This blog consists of exerpts taken from an article written by Mr.Fanghella and can be found at